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1.Personnel clerical services include:

Organization of Personnel Accounting in accordance with the legislation of AR;
Execution of compulsory insurance transactions;
Creation of employees ' personal affairs;
Formalization of sick leave, Social, Labor leave (writing of orders and other documents);
Writing work books of employees;
Drawing up employment contracts;
Development of additional agreements and job descriptions to employment contracts and
Local normative acts: internal Labor discipline regulations, personal data
of the regulation on protection, the regulation on labor protection, etc. worked out
Drawing up a staffing table, schedule of vacations;
Drawing up orders for personnel (recruitment, transfer to another job, leave,
Official registration of employees on EHP (e-government portal) ;
Drawing up and filling out work books.
This service area is relevant for newly established companies or companies opening new branches, or for companies that do not conduct personnel clerical work at all.

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