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With proper accounting, we are safely stepping into the future!

Audit is an independent verification of accurate and honest accounting, accounting and financial statements in business entities engaged in the production, sale of goods, the provision of services and the performance of work. Audit provides for an independent audit of annual financial statements drawn up by economic entities at a speed in accordance with the current legislation in order to determine the correct, complete and accurate reflection of assets, liabilities, specific funds and financial results. The basis of the audit is the mutual interest of the state, the wisdom of the enterprise and its owners (depositors, shareholders). As "Ideovate Consulting", we provide assistance to companies of international level that combine the interests of the government and interested groups of the enterprise. We assist them in the Prevention of certain risks and daily intra-company audits. In addition to verifying the correctness of the financial statements of the audited company, we review the financial condition of the company, reporting results and cash in all significant aspects, and create the basis for a complete and accurate reflection of the reports.

As a company like" Ideovate Consulting " we offer the following audit services:

Audit of annual financial (accounting) reports:

Financial (Accounting) Audit in accordance with the national accounting standards of Azerbaijan;
Audit of financial statements in accordance with international financial accounting standards;
Compilation and review of financial statements;
Verification of compliance of financial business transactions with tax legislation.
Feedback on Special Purpose reports and assignments:

Approval of the formation of the authorized capital;
Feedback on the emissary package;
Opinion on tax returns;
Opinion on contracts concluded with enterprises participating in public procurement;
Feedback on contracts concluded with Relevant Persons;
Evaluation of the internal control system;
Inspection of Information Systems and control system;
Feedback on Special Purpose reports and assignments.
Confirmation of the correctness of the assessment of property and other objects of ownership:

Assessment of material assets;
Assessment of intellectual property objects and “know-how"

An independent audit is carried out to review the operations and accounts of the company. The law obliges every company to keep accounting documents. Audits are useful for company owners and CEOs as they detect any accounting errors or omissions that can be corrected in time.

For a real and fair consideration of the state of affairs of the company, a financial audit is carried out. Moreover, the company can independently clarify which aspects of its accounts need audit. This list can vary significantly depending on the size of the company and the specific nature of its business.

The purpose of the audit:

  • To get a clear overview of the factors that influence the success of the company;
  • To identify stocks, issued and counterfeits;
  • Avoid risks.

Auditiniz bizim nəzarətimizdədir.
Auditiniz bizim nəzarətimizdədir.

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